Alinco DX-SR8T: Expanding the Transmit & Receive Ranges

Bottom of the rig:

If you're wondering what those jumper pads are for - they are for modifying stock parameters of the system.  Jumpering pad A changes the receive range from 135kHz - 29.99999MHz to 30kHz - 34.99999MHz and jumpering pad B changes the transmit range to 1.6MHz - 29.99999MHz.  I'm not sure what the D pad does.  I can't find my notes from that.  I always "open up" rigs when I can - not to operate illegally, but just to have as much function as is possible: e.g., using the rig as a signal generator into a dummy load for testing another radio.


  1. hi,
    I apply your direction on my radio and it's works fine...

  2. Greetingd from Greece,
    I apply this on my Alinco and works fine.Can you find any information about the other jumper points?


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