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Wicked Fast

A joy to find this recapping video as I have a dead Mac IIfx. It was a nice system when it ran up until a couple of years ago. Pretty sure it's a cap issue in the power supply, but once I fix that, I'm sure recapping the mainboard will be a good idea. I think max memory in this system was 128MB and that was unheard of in 1990. I don't even think the SIMMs were available. So the 64MB in the one I have is really nice. As I recall, it was enough to run a web server. So why fix it? There's something mystical about having a working system, that in 1990 cost over $15,000 (more, if you could have had it spec'ed with the details of this one). That's $31,000 today. I was in college in 1990 and working part-time in a bank. I think my first full year's salary was $19,000. As I recall, I paid about $150 for it, 2 hard disks, an RGB monitor, keyboard, and mouse in 1998.

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