The CFFA 3000 board for Apple II computers

Glad I purchased one of these Apple II hard-disk emulation boards a couple of years ago.

The price was right (~$175) and the creator has since ended the production.  They pop up now and then on eBay for over $500.  You'll find nice Apple II systems with this board in them selling for thousands.

I also downloaded at the time the sum-total of Apple II software and associated materials, about 250GB - the Asimov collection.  I think most of it is distributed now on the Internet Archive.

This is for the Apple IIgs I have. Picked it up several years ago on eBay for maybe $150.  It includes a color RGB monitor and 3.5" and 5.25" floppy drives.

It's been a while since I powered it up, but as I recall it had around 4-5MB of RAM installed.  The max is 8, so this unit is pretty well spec'ed out.

Next time I spend any time with it, it will be to load games & programs from a USB device into the CFFA.  I pretty much just installed the CFFA and verified it worked, poked around a little.  It's a really well-done product.


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